Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fire The Cowards At The RNC Who Don't Want To Fight Obama!

Can I put it any plainer than that, after reading the outrage that GOP officials want surrogates to "refrain from attacks" on Richard Milhous Obama in the coming election next year.

That includes Reince Priebus, the head of the RNC. Where is he? What is he doing to ensure the party is victorious? I don't hear a thing about him.

Fire them all!

2012 has too many consequences for people who are out of work, struggling, as well as for the future of this nation and a greater future for our children, to surrender on the premise that we want to look like we're nicer than our opponents make us out to be. All while our economy is being sabotaged, we are turning against our allies overseas and emboldening the rise of Islamofascism, and America has been divided against each other more than any time since the Civil War. F**** that! I'm not going to play the RNC's game and I'm pretty damn sick of their cowardly attitude!

Nice Deb reminds us....

In case the RNC forgot, a we already tried a lukewarm strategy like that – it’s called the McCain campaign, and it went down in flames.

The RNC had better get a clue and fast, because Obama has nothing holding him back from attacking his opponent (whomever it turns out to be) in the worst possible ways. In fact it has been predicted that 2012 will be the most brutal campaign season ever. And guess what? They’ll be using racial politics and class warfare because that’s what they’re good at.

Don't forget how George W. Bush, hardly a conservative, received the most vitriolic, hate-filled attacks from liberals (until Sarah Palin came along) and didn't respond. That didn't win hearts, minds and voters. So, why are the RNC so delusional to think it will work again.

That's the only game they've got, playing dirty tricks, engaging in the most uncivil tone and making the most ludicrous accusations. I'm talking about Obama, as well as people like Debbie "Thunderlips" Wasserman Schultz (aka Alan Grayson in a skirt), Alan Grayson, Nancy Pelosi, the Congressional Black Caucus, and so many others. That also includes local Democrat campaign workers who will tell spouses of conservatives they are "sleeping with the enemy." That also goes with the "racist" accusations and comparisons to suicide bombers.

Yet these eunuchs don't understand this is political war. As I said once before, liberals act like the worst heel on WWE Raw, while the GOP shows up in their checked pants thinking it's a friendly game of golf.

Is it any wonder so many suspect that Republicans are sabotaging some of our candidates? I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah Palin was told no way was she going to get those big donors, because Romney was the "next in line." Probably because for all their so-called reverence for Ronald Reagan, a lot in the Republican Party don't want another Reagan Revolution and a conservative ascendancy. There's a guy named Karl Rove who has done his best of attacking every candidate who is not Mitt Romney.

Well, grow up and get a pair GOP! Act like men and act like winners! If you can't, then we need to put people in charge at the RNC who will win and who will pursue a winning strategy. There is too much at stake.

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