Friday, December 16, 2011

Day After The Final Debate--Thoughts

So, did you watch the final debate last night?

How did it go?

Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich showed why many GOP primary voters still have questions about both of them, only Romney came off looking worse.

Here's Romney saying he'd put sanctions in place against Iran that he admitted would make gasoline more expensive.

That's wonderful, like we're not paying enough already? What about drilling and looking for energy here?

Then, near the end of the debate, Chris Wallace asked Romney about his changing positions on several issues, like abortion, gay rights, gun control, in which Romney came off looking bad, because his rehearsed answer fell short of the truth. Rick Santorum followed up on that as well.

The thing about Romney, is when he gets off the pre-rehearsed answers, he gets testy and thin-skinned, like he's trying to hide something. Certainly someone who destroys e-mails from the time he was governor has something to hide. He's spent the last five years running for President, getting as many of the Beltway and GOP elites on his side, and knocking (through surrogates) those who might threaten him. It's why I don't trust Romney and don't think he should be the nominee.

Newt also faced intense questioning, but was able to weather it better. Newt's biggest asset is how he talks from experience, instead of slick, pre-rehearsed lines.

Rick Perry and Rick Santorum didn't get enough time for questioning. That loon Ron Paul got waaaaay too much time. In fact, Democrat pollster Pat Caddell had a great line during the break saying that Paul was there to show everyone how insane he is.

Fast & Furious was FINALLY asked at a debate, with Rick Perry knocking the answer out of the park. Perry, in fact, has really done great in his last few debates. The Tim Tebow line (not to bash Tebow) sounded kinda corny though.

While I love Michele Bachmann and her great work in the House fighting against Obamacare and this massive government spending, her Presidential campaign is going nowhere. Instead of offering ideas, she has spent much of her time kneecapping whomever the leader is, often with questionable facts. It was good in combating Ron Paul's loonacy, but not in going after the other candidates.

In the end, I'm not sure last night's debate changed any minds, or erased doubts about the front runners. I think, and hope, Ron Paul fades from the stage and ends up in the nearest mental hospital.

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