Friday, December 02, 2011

Commie, 9/11 Troofer Van Jones Urges Occupy Squatters To Block Ports

Former Obama Regime Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is showing just how involved he is with the Occupy squatters, he's calling for them to block major West Coast sea ports on December 12th (Katie Pavlich-Townhall).

Communist Van Jones is calling on occupiers around the country to converge on major sea ports on December 12 in an effort to disrupt commerce. Jones sent out a message on Twitter linking to a story about the planned blockade.

Occupy movements plan to shut down major ports along the U.S. West Coast and Canada's Pacific seaboard in a day of action next month, they said Wednesday.

In an announcement hours after a two-month-old anti-Wall Street protest camp was evicted in Los Angeles, they said they plan to strike back against the "nationally co-ordinated attack on the Occupy movement."

Local Occupy movements in San Diego, L.A., Oakland - where protests shut down the port for 24 hours last month - Portland, Taco-ma and Seattle will support the Dec. 12 day of action, they said.

Farther north, protesters in the Canadian port city of Vancouver and in Anchorage, Alaska, will also "join the economic blockade and disruption of the one per cent," they said, referring to the wealth-owning elite targeted by the "99 per cent" protesters.

"We're shutting down these ports because of the union busting and attacks on the working class by the one per cent," said Barucha Peller of the West Coast Port Blockade Assembly, of Occupy Oakland, in a statement.

"We are also striking back against the nationally co-ordinated attack on the Occupy movement. In response to the police violence and camp evictions against the Occupy movement, this is our co-ordinated response against the one per cent.

"On Dec. 12th we will show are collective power through pinpointed economic blockade of the one per cent," she added.

Will Jones go back to the gutters of Oakland he crawled out of to lead this act of sabotage?

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Deekaman said...

More evidence this is orchestrated from the White House.

I wonder if Longshoremen are going to put up with an attack on their livelihood.