Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can Rick Perry Make A Comeback?

We're almost a month away from the Iowa Caucus (aka The Hawkeye Cauci) and I'm not certain at this point who I'm going to get behind.

Well, let me amend that by saying I know I will not and cannot support Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Jon Huntsman.

Newt has really come from nowhere and is now at the top of the heap. Who'd have thought it back in May? But a lot can happen in a month. I've seen a lot of pro & con about Newt from bloggers I like and respect. Though I've had my criticism of him, he is someone I could support if he was the GOP nominee.

Rick Perry, who shot to the top when he entered the race and dropped in the polls, released a new ad today, which is worth watching.

In the ad, he criticizes Newt for supporting health care mandates at one time. Romney enacted it in Massachusetts (and won't apologize for it). Perry's critique of Newt (and Romney) is a legitimate one, as compared to Romney's cheap shot of being married to the same woman, meant as a personal attack on Newt.  Flip may be faithful to Mrs. Flip, but that's about the only place where he's been consistent.  He's starting to act more like Obama, the more desperate he becomes.

Perry also wrote a piece for Big Government today, about combating insider trading in Washington DC.

After a series of investigative reports, including several here at Big Government, the American people are beginning to realize that what is wrong with this country can be diagrammed on a map, with a straight line connecting Wall Street and Washington, D.C.

...The fact is, things will never change as long as the same Washington insiders remain in control. Washington is broken and needs a complete overhaul, but establishment politicians only want to tinker at the margins. This is why we can’t ask a Washington insider to fix Washington, because it takes an outsider to overhaul a corrupt culture.

My plan to overhaul Washington starts by creating a part-time Congress. We should cut their pay in half, cut their staffs in half, and cut the time they spend in Washington in half. A part-time, citizen Congress will not only get rid of the permanent political class – it will restore the vision of our founders and force members to live under the laws they pass with the people they represent.

Second, my plan makes passing the STOCK Act a priority. Any member of Congress who trades on insider information should go to jail, plain and simple.

And third, I will permanently ban all corporate bailouts. We shouldn’t be awarding taxpayer-funded bonuses to Wall Street executives who defrauded those very same taxpayers, we should be locking them up.

Some good stuff there, reminiscent of Sarah Palin's speech attacking crony capitalism back in September. I don't think many in DC understand the concept of "public service." Too many of them use the public trust to enrich themselves and manipulate the game so they're better off, while the taxpayers get shafted.

So, if Newt can rise from the cellar to the top of the heap, why can't Rick Perry?

I know "He can't debate!" "He can't remember the three departments he was going to cut." Well, who hasn't had their mind go blank at the wrong time? Try singing in public and realizing when you step to the mike you forgot the lyrics! And should a person be judged on their ability to give a speech? That's what we have now with Obama. He can give speech after speech, but his words won't create jobs, nor cut spending, and have only divided Americans unlike no other time in our history.

Then there's Perry's record in Texas, which speaks for itself. Texas is a big state too. As far as job growth, the Lone Star State has been the exception, rather than the rule. So many lists of top areas to relocate for greater opportunity include Texas cities.

I'm not endorsing Perry or anyone else at this time, nor do I think he is a perfect candidate? No one is. I've disagreed with him on a few issues during his time as governor. But he's been a chief executive of a state for 10 years, which is a lot more than being a member of a legislative body.

Could Rick Perry earn a second look, and follow in the tradition of the Dallas Cowboys as the "Comeback Kid?"


An Ordinary American said...

You make some very good points, but as far as Perry making a comeback. . . I'm not sure.

What works in Texas generally doesn't work elsewhere in the country--especially in that snake-filled cesspool of liars and thieves: Washington DC.

Most of us here in Texas are convinced that the Washington establishment (on both sides of the aisle) DOESN'T WANT solutions to our problems.

Otherwise, the nimrods wouldn't have anything to run for the next term on.

I like Perry and always have. He can't debate for crap. Big deal. He knows how to appoint pro-business, pro-growth and pro-freedom people.

He IS the staunchest of the (viable) candidates on either side of the aisle when it comes the Second Amendment.

He's not perfect, but down here in the Lone Star State, we've weathered the disaster that has been Obama fairly well.

Problem is, is Washington DC and the establishment too firmly entrenched for ANYONE to fix it?

That is my fear.


rightinthekeys said...

I really hope so. I agree that too much has been made about Rick Perry's memory lapse in the debate. Similar situations have happened to me in the past and I've seen it happen to many others as well. Perry is the best choice as far as I'm concerned, followed by Tim Pawlenty in a close second place. That would be my dream ticket. A Perry/Pawlenty administration would put this country back in order. They're two principled conservatives that will get the job done.

rightinthekeys said...

I can't believe I mixed up Pawlenty and Santorum when I posted my comment here. I meant to say that I would like to see a Perry/Santorum ticket. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that. I didn't like Pawlenty at all.

Perry/Santorum 2012