Monday, December 19, 2011

Ann Coulter Continues Newt-Bashing On WMAL: He's The Sharron Angle / O'Donnell Of National GOP

Ann Coulter continued her stealth campaign to re-elect Obama today, appearing over the DC airwaves this morning on WMAL's Morning Majority to bash Newt Gingrich some more.
In an interview with the WMAL Morning Majority, Coulter compared Gingrich to two popular Tea Party luminaries who managed to excite their conservative bases and win GOP nominations for US Senate in Nevada and Delaware, only to see their momentum fade quickly at general election time.

"They ended up losing, and they should have been easy wins for Republicans. I see Newt Gingrich as the Sharron Angle or Christine O'Donnell of the national party," said Coulter, who maintained that Gingrich "does not have a prayer of a chance in a general election, and I think this is the most important election of our lifetimes."

Coulter told WMAL her pessimism is borne from the beginning of the Republican revolution in 1994, when the GOP took over the House of Representatives with Gingrich as the Speaker of the House. Coulter recalled that not long after, Gingrich suggested opening orphanages and creating janitorial jobs for poor children on welfare.

"It wasn't the way to put it, not right after Republicans take Congress," said Coulter. "It made us sound like some sort of Dickensian brutes who wanted to put children to work."

Well look who's calling the kettle black! Ann Coulter has made a career of saying really pointed, controversial statements, and yet she's saying she doesn't want Newt Gingrich to be the GOP nominee in 2012 because he said something controversial? Jeez Louise!

Oh, and let me educate Ms. Coulter, since you've proven once again that being a satirist doesn't make you a deep thinker. Sharon Angle's defeat can be attributed in great deal to the last minute "get out the vote" efforts by casino union bosses in Nevada. Let's not forget that Christine O'Donnell lost in large part because right after she won the primary, the army of establishment GOP long knives, led by Karl Rove, came out after her. Even polling after the 2010 general election showed the liberal GOP establishment candidate would have lost to Democrat Chris Coons, despite the projections of Tokyo Rove and other GOP country clubbers.

Now, two years later, the GOP establishment and many in the professional conservative punditry, want the party to commit electoral hari-kari by pushing a guy of questionable core values who couldn't even beat John McCain in 2008 as our nominee. Someone has been running for President for the last five years. Coulter, O'Donnell, Haley and now the 1996 loser Bob Dole are still pursuing this zany delusion that Flip Romney is the most electable candidate in the 2012 race. That's playing right into the hands of Obama and the slimy Axlerod, who can't wait to use stuff like this article on Romney's Bain Capital and the photo below to distract from Obama's disaster as President.

Never mind how Romneycare will cancel out any criticism of Obamacare, taking that issue off the table.

They told me Sarah Palin shouldn't run because she was too divisive, and boy they were right!

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