Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ACTION ALERT: Contact Virginia GOP To Include Perry & Gingrich On Primary Ballot

Doug Ross, via Legal Insurrection, has sent out an Action Alert with the contact information for the Virginia Republican Party, to ask them to include Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich on the March Presidential Primary ballot.
Action Alert: I urge you to contact the Virginia GOP and demand that they include Gingrich and Perry on the ballot. Be polite, but firm. There’s no excuse for issuing new rules at the last minute that just happen to exclude the leading candidates. In fact, it’s an outrage.
• Email: Contact Form
• Phone: 804-780-0111
• Fax: 804-343-1060
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/VirginiaGOP
• Twitter: @va_gop

As reported before, the requirements were changed in November, after a lawsuit.

To further illustrate how dysfunctional this is, keep in mind that an Obama-tied, union led recall against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will allow Adolf Hitler or Mickey Mouse on the petition as a valid signature.

The Other McCain has more.

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