Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walk Down Memory Lane -- Top 40 Songs From Landslide Week November 1984

I was reading Virginia Virtucon on Election Day and came across this post that took me back in time to November 1984. What were you doing then? I was a sophomore in high school, Friday nights consisted of playing in one of South Texas top high school marching bands during Friday Night Football.

And we saw one of the biggest landslides in Presidential election history, when Ronald Reagan won every state except Minnesota and the District of Columbia. A landslide we'll probably never see the likes of again.

This past weekend, Sirius XM ran down the Top 40 songs from this week in 1984. We now take you back on this Election Day to that day 27 years ago when Reagan Rock Ruled and the Gipper went on to a 49 state landslide. Here’s hoping the VA GOP has some of that same luck in 2011. (I’m taking that they chose this particular year to play as a good omen.)

As voting progresses today and we wait for the tallies to start coming in after 7 p.m., check out some of these awesome ’80s tunes. So many classics packed into just one week’s Top 40 countdown!

Here's a few of the top 40 in November 1984

34 - Girls With Guns, Tommy Shaw

27 - Sea Of Love, The Honeydrippers (aka Robert Plant, Jimmy Page)

19 - No More Lonely Nights, Paul McCartney

11 - Hard Habit To Break, Chicago

5 - On The Dark Side, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Now, onto our regular programming.

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