Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(VIDEO) UCDavis Students Were Fine With Being Pepper Sprayed

The whole media outrage about this group of UC Davis Occupy spoiled brats who were pepper sprayed is ridiculous and made up to create sympathy for the occupiers.

They knew they would be pepper sprayed and were ok with it. Here is a video (P/Oed Patriot, via Gateway Pundit) showing these students knew what was going to happen and were fine with it.

Why? The Occupy movement, their supporters in the media and among the limousine liberal one percenters (Michael "I'll finish those fries" Moore) have wanted a "Kent State Moment" to occur. Flash back to a month ago on MSNBC.

Look, they can sit there and look like they're "peaceful" but they were blocking a walkway and refused an order to move. I don't care who you are. You refuse a police request, you brought pepper spray on yourself, so quit your whining.

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