Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shoplifting Flash Mob Swarms Silver Spring MD 7-Eleven

This has happened before, notably up in Philadelphia, Wisconsin and Germantown, MD last August. This past Saturday, a youth "flash mob" went into a Silver Spring, MD 7-Eleven to shoplift (NBC Washington).

About 50 people simultaneously shoplifted from a Silver Spring, Md., 7-Eleven Saturday night.

Officers arriving at the store in the 12200 block of Tech Road after 11:20 p.m. saw several people gathered in surrounding parking lots and on side streets, police said. They began to disperse when police arrived.

The shoplifters -- described as teens and young adults -- took items including snacks and drinks, police said

Police stopped a group of six people ages 16-18 near Tech Road and Broadbirch Drive. Each had items from the 7-Eleven but no receipts, police said.

Detectives are investigating whether the shoplifters had attended a birthday party in the area, police said.

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