Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "Palin Reconsider" Ad Slated To Run In Iowa

Per The Other McCain. I've been reading about this ad and the ad buy in Iowa on Conservatives for Palin.

Adrienne Ross at C4P has a slightly different take, for some food for thought.

Certainly, her decision not to run was a disappointment, as the nation is in a leadership deficit right now, with too many people in power (in the local, state and national levels) who are more interested in being served instead of being public servants. My personal opinion has always (and still is) that Palin is someone would fill this void, and would be able to carry the Reagan Torch into the next generation. At this point, for 2012, the filing deadline has passed for many states. The only hope for a Palin 2012 run would be if there was no consensus on a nominee and a Draft Palin movement occurs at the Republican Convention.

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