Sunday, November 13, 2011

OccupyWallStreet - Death, Disease, Disruption & Disobediance

"Just like the Tea Party."

Not really. I don't recall violence, diseases, death or disobedience to law enforcement at any of the Tea Parties I attended, and I attended at some of the largest Tea Party gatherings in the nation.

At this time, there have been seven deaths at the Occupy (Fill in the Blank) squatter camps. Donald Douglas at American Power has a run down.

The dead include (1) a young man who passed away at the Occupy Oklahoma encampment; (2) a woman at Occupy Vancouver overdosed; (3) a protester in Bloomington, Indiana, was found dead; (4) a man was found dead in his tent at Occupy New Orleans; (5) a man shot himself in an encampment at Occupy Burlington in Vermont; (6) a protester was shot dead at Occupy Oakland; and now this death at Salt Lake City brings the grim toll to 7 deaths.

He also reports that pressure is being placed on "leaders" (and I use that term very loosely) of several cities to shut down the camps, due to the deaths, violence, drugs, sanitary conditions, etc.

Up in Portland, the squatters stayed in the park past the midnight deadline this morning (Yahoo News).

Around 4 a.m., dozens of police formed a line across from demonstrators who had poured into the street. Protesters facing them appeared to be in festive spirits with some banging on drums and plastic pails, another clanging a cowbell while others danced in the streets as a man juggled nearby.

Other demonstrators used pallets and old furniture, wood debris and even a bicycle to set up two makeshift barricades on a street that runs through the encampment, apparently in an attempt to block traffic.

Protesters ultimately got off the street after the police asked them to and also cleared away the barricades.

Mayor Sam Adams had ordered the camp shut down, citing unhealthy conditions and the encampment's attraction of drug users and thieves.

On Sunday at an impromptu news conference, he defended his order, saying it is his job to enforce the law and keep the peace. "This is not a game," he said.

He also noted that implementing the eviction order may require more patience.

"Giving the order that the parks will be closed to the public is putting my foot down. Enforcing will take time," he said.

Take time? Why not do it now? In my opinion, the reason of lot of this garbage has been allowed to occur was because these Left-wing mayor's have expressed support and or have been unwilling to do anything until the situation and conditions have become drastic.

Tuberculosis has occurred at Occupy Atlanta squatter camp. Remember that at your local Tea Party? I didn't think so.

The other day, these Obama/DNC supported protesters interrupted a Veteran's Day speech by Michele Bachmann, and also twice went to protest the BlogCon meeting of my fellow bloggers in Denver. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs paid a visit to the squatter camp in Denver.

Tania at Midnight Blue has more photos of OccupyPhilly. Breitbart TV has video also of a rape that occured at OccupyPhilly.

A woman protester at the Occupy Philadelphia encampment at City Hall was raped in a tent, allegedly by a man who had traveled from out of state to join the protest, police said.

How many more rapes, how many more deaths, how many more acts of violence have to occur before President Obama and the Democratic Party withdraw their support and condemn these lawless protests?

Great question!

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