Friday, November 11, 2011

Obama's Occupy Denver Mob Invade BlogCon, Chased Out of Hotel (UPDATE: Return Again This Evening)

Just saw on my Facebook feed that the Obama/DNC supported Occupy Denver squatters showed up at BlogCon a few minutes ago.

Here's the video:

And then they were chased out, with the strains of "Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!"

Michelle Lancaster via Twitter writes that some of the Denver squatters consisted of a high school teacher and her kids.

More video, via Sunshine State Sarah:

From Politicons, it appears one person was arrested:
Ace says: Currently it’s two groups of people videotaping each other with cellphones. In one case, two people are cell-phone taping each other’s cell-phones.

Several of the BlogCon guys are barring the door to the conference room.

There’s about 20 of them. They’re fairly young and dirty and speak in a strange jargon like the Oasis Tribe in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Now they’re doing that “mike check” thing, and are chanting.

The BlogCon folks are now chanting back: “WE. are. the 99%.”

The BlogCon people began chanting, “We want the dog, we want the dog.” Apparently these mutants were the ones who elected a dog as a leader or something.

Apparently, the one squatter was arrested after interrupting Tony Katz. Founding Bloggers has video of the interruption and the arrest, where the hippie was slammed on the ground (made my day!).

Katy Benningfield of Katy's Conservative Corner tweeted me earlier and said the squatters were trying to escape via the elevator, but they couldn't since room cards are needed to use the elevators in the hotel.  More from Katy here.

UPDATE: The Denver squatters returned this evening. DaTechGuy (with the fedora and the cannolis), has a report and videos.

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