Monday, November 14, 2011

NOT GOOD.....Libya, Collective Bargaining Stump Herman Cain

Clips of Herman Cain being interviewed by the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal have hit the internet, and if you ask me, it's worse than Rick Perry's "brain freeze" (at least he knew how to bounce back) or the continuing soap opera the liberal media whore Gloria Allred continued today.

Michelle Malkin calls this "The Real Cain Scandal."

Seriously, this is not good. I say that as someone who had been looking at and began to support Cain's candidacy last month. But errors like this raised second thoughts in my mind about him.  Sure, there is no taking away what he has accomplished as a businessman.  But you can't use 9-9-9 as an answer to unions, foreign policy, or whether or not to negotiate with terrorists if they've kidnapped Americans.

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