Saturday, November 19, 2011

Newt vs. Romney....No Difference?

At this point in the 2012 cycle, I'm still not settled on a candidate who I'll get behind (after a couple of choices). All I know is there's a couple who I definitely will not support, and one of those is being pushed as the "inevitable" nominee even before one vote has been cast.

A lot of the "professional conservative punditry" are also attacking Newt Gingrich, as being not authentic. I understand, and have had some of the same criticisms over the years about Newt.

However, there are some differences worth pointing out, as Prof. William Jacobson has done at Legal Insurrection, in looking back at videos from 1994 of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

These two videos tell a lot about both of them, who has convictions and who doesn't.

Also, Dan Riehl struck gold and found how Romney supporter Jennifer Rubin of the Washington ComPost dismissed Romney in 2008, and said essentially the same things about John McLame then that she now writes about Romney.

Will Jennifer Rubin star in the remake of Groundhog Day?

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