Friday, November 18, 2011

LOL! Hollywood Lib Whose Ex Was Arrested For Money Laundering Supports OccupyWallStreet Squatters

This is so funny you couldn't script it!

Liberal acress Anne Hathaway was a part of the squatter mob called Occupy Wall Street in New York yesterday (Gateway Pundit).

Interstingly, Hathaway's ex lover was arrested in 2008 for fraud and money laundering (UK Daily Mail).

The ex-boyfriend of Hollywood star Anne Hathaway has had his bail set at £10m after his arrest on fraud and money laundering charges.

Italian-born businessman Raffaello Follieri will be under house arrest, even if he manages to find the bail money.

...Follieri is accused of lying to investors and falsely claiming he had been appointed as the chief financial officer of the Vatican.

He is said to have used illicit transactions to fund a lavish lifetsyle in New York.

Actress Hathaway, 25, dumped Follieri, 29, earlier this month, as exclusively reported by the Mail Online.

They had been together for four years.

A criminal court revealed Follieri is accused of operating a scheme in which he led investors to believe that he had close connections with the Vatican.

He claimed his connections enabled him to buy the Catholic Church's unwanted U.S. real estate properties at a discount, according to federal prosecutors and the FBI.

Follieri and others allegdly used the investors' money for expensive clothes and restaurant meals, a £20,000-a-month Manhattan apartment, dog-walking services and other personal expenditures.

He is also accused of using the allegedly swindled funds in question for a trip to the Dominican Republic at New Year, between 2005 and 2006 with his 'then girlfriend' and another couple. The girlfriend has not been named.

You gotta laugh!

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