Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holder Grilled On Fast & Furious, NLRB Cheers Destruction Of Economy, & Solyndra Slime Gets Deeper

While we were distracted by allegations of sexual harassment by anonymous accusers, it gave the lapdog media a good excuse not to cover these stories.

Eric Holder, the worst Attorney General in American history, was held to the fire over Operation Fast & Furious, while gun-grabbing liberal Democrats like the Brooklyn ambulance chaser Upchuck Schumer tried to cover for Holder's corruption...blaming (you guessed it) Bush!

The scumbag Holder did not even apologize to the family of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed with one of the guns linked to Fast & Furious (Opposing Views).

Sen. Cornyn asked Holder whether he had apologized to the family of Agent Terry, but Holder said that he hadn’t even spoken to the family. Sen. Cornyn then gave Holder the opportunity to apologize to the Terry family on the spot, but Holder declined. “I certainly regret what happened to Agent Brian Terry,” Holder managed to say. But further demonstrating the Obama Administration’s refusal to take responsibility for any wrongdoing, Holder added, “It is not fair, however, to assume that the mistakes that happened in Fast and Furious directly led to the death of Agent Terry.”

Agent Terry's family responded to Holder (

....The fact of the matter is that the men who killed Brian Terry were armed with brand new military grade assault weapons and ammunition. The weapons were allowed to be purchased with the full approval of ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona; both agencies falling under the control of the Attorney General.

Now common sense would dictate that law enforcement should never let guns walk; yet, ATF let guns walk. Common sense would dictate that law enforcement should never allow guns to be delivered to dangerous criminals; yet, ATF allowed weapons to flow to members of certain Mexican drug cartels.

Common sense would dictate that every effort should be made to interdict guns before they can be delivered to the criminal element; yet, ATF chose not to interdict those guns. Common sense would dictate that only bad things can happen when dangerous criminals are allowed to purchase military grade assault weapons; yet, ATF ignored that risk. This was Operation Fast and Furious and it defied common sense.

President Obama has spoken often about the need for transparency in our government. Furthermore, the President, when referring to Operation Fast and Furious, has said, “People who screwed up will be held accountable.” Well, we know who screwed up: they were ATF supervisors in the Phoenix Field Office who thought up and initiated this plan, ATF Headquarters executives who allowed it to continue, and officials in the Department of Justice who didn’t put a stop to it when they had the opportunity.

Operation Fast and Furious and the way that DOJ and ATF have handled both the actual investigation and its aftermath are excellent examples of the precise need for transparency and accountability.

The Attorney General has said that he did not know about the flawed tactics being used by ATF in Operation Fast and Furious; if this is true and he did not know, then he should have known. After all, he is the Attorney General of the United States and the head of the Department of Justice under which ATF belongs.

Mr. Holder needs to own Operation Fast and Furious. In the end, Mr. Holder may chose not to apologize to the Terry family for the role that ATF and DOJ played in the death of Brian Terry, but the Attorney General should accept responsibility immediately. It is without question, the right thing to do.

Showing the leadership this nation and the Republican Party needs in their 2012 nominee, Sarah Palin wrote that Holder should be fired.

Fast and Furious isn’t just your typical government incompetence. This is a deadly tragedy. U.S. border agent Brian Terry was gunned down with weapons connected to Holder’s debacle. At least 200 Mexican citizens were also killed by criminals using Fast and Furious weapons. We can only imagine how many more people will be murdered by criminals our government armed.

When an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives blew the whistle on this operation, the DOJ leaked sensitive information about him to the press. This week, the former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, who was ousted in the wake of the scandal, admitted to being the leaker.

And where is President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder in all of this? When did he first know about the operation? In his testimony to the House Oversight Committee on May 3, 2011, Holder stated, “I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” But the DOJ’s own documents prove that Holder had been receiving briefings on Fast and Furious for nearly a year before that date. In other words, our government’s top law enforcement official, Eric Holder, lied to the American public. He finally admitted this week to the Senate Judiciary Committee, “In my testimony before the House committee [on May 3], I did say a few weeks. I probably could have said a couple of months. What I said about a few weeks was inaccurate based on what happened.”

When the nation’s highest law enforcement official lies to the American people, he must go.

And if he claims that he didn’t lie, then how else do we explain this situation? He’s either lying or he’s so grossly incompetent and lazy that he didn’t read important life and death briefings from his deputy attorney general and didn’t know about this deadly operation run by people under him. So, which is it? Incompetent, lazy, or lying? No matter which explanation fits, he needs to go.

I stand with the members of Congress who are calling for Holder’s resignation. I stand with the family members of Brian Terry who are demanding transparency and accountability. Mr. President, where do you stand?

As of tonight, 38 House members are calling for Holder's resignation. Hell, he should be imprisoned.

South Carolina has come under assault again by the Obama Regime, for passing a law to stop illegal immigration, (letting new Democrat voters into America). Earlier, the National Labor Relations Board attacked the state because Boeing was building a plant there. Reason? South Carolina is non-union. That didn't make Obama's thuggish union goons happy. Now, documents show NLRB members were gloating about "destroying the economy" (Nice Deb).

Judicial Watch, having issued an FOIA request, last July, finally received the documents from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concerning the NLRB’s decision to file a lawsuit against Seattle-based Boeing for opening a $750 million non-union assembly plant in North Charleston, South Carolina, to manufacture its Dreamliner plane (Judicial Watch v. National Labor Relations Board (No. 11-1470)).

Washington, DC — November 9, 2011

Among the highlights:

•On April 22, 2011, Acting NLRB General Counsel Lafe Solomon sent an email to Wilma Liebman, outgoing Chairwoman of the NLRB, “The article gave me a new idea. You go to geneva [Switzerland] and I get a job with airbus [French company]. We screwed up the us economy and now we can tackle europe.” Solomon’s comment was in response to an article published in French on the European Planet Labor website noting the devastating potential economic impact on South Carolina if the plant were to be scuttled: “Two billion dollars were invested in Charleston, 1,000 employees were recruited, and the site was supposed to open in July… until the NLRB meddled in.”
•On April 22, 2011, NLRB attorney Debra Willen received an email, in which Republican Sen. James DeMint of South Carolina is ridiculed as “Sen. Dement.”
•On May 12, 2011, NLRB Deputy Assistant General Counsel Joseph Baniszewski emailed a political cartoon to Deputy Assistant General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo mocking the state of South Carolina with regard to Boeing Corporation’s decision to locate its manufacturing facility in that state.

"We screwed up the economy" That would make a great campaign ad against Obama in 2012.

Then there's the newest Obama scandal, the bankruptcy of taxpayer funded Solyndra. The White House has ignored a House subpoena, but e-mails show that an Obama donor petitioned the Regime for the money for the failed company.

And Obama wants higher taxes? Why? So he can give it to his political allies as rewards while the rest of us have to do with less?

No wonder the media is looking for other distractions to cover.

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