Saturday, November 05, 2011

Former Washington ComPost Editor Ben Bradlee Makes Racially Tinged Comment Regarding Herman Cain, Paws Daily Caller Reporter

Former Washington ComPost editor Benjamin Bradlee was at a book party for that lush Chris Matthews in Washington DC this past Wednesday when Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller talked to him and Bob Woodward.

Bradlee is interviewed second in the video below (Daily Caller).

Appearing (at least to your correspondent) a bit inebriated, Bradlee puts his arm around Fields and answers her questions, including one about Herman Cain and the allegations against him of sexual harassment.

"I think he had it coming to him," said the former ComPost Editor of Cain. When fields asked what advice the editor made famous in "All The President's Men," Bradlee said "Run for the roundhouse."

According to a poster at FreeRepublic, the phrase "run for the roundhouse" is in reference to John Brown, who led a slave rebellion in 1857 and told fellow slaves to "run for the roundhouse" near Harpers Ferry.

Additionally, I think "Gentle Ben" is the last person who should talk about sexual harassment in the workplace. He had an affair with a subordinate who became his current wife, Sally Quinn.

Bradlee also oversaw two instances of shoddy journalism at the ComPost that should have resulted in his ass getting fired. In 1979, Mrs. "Gentle Ben" wrote a story alleging Zbigniew Brzezinski of the Carter Administration of unzipping his fly in front of a female. Bradlee also hired reporter Janet Cooke, who was forced to return a Pulitzer Prize she won for "Jimmy's World," about an 8 year old heroin addict in DC. The story was found to have been made up.

Isn't interesting as well, that two of the figures behind the exposure of President Nixon's corruption aren't interested in the corruption of President Richard Milhous Obama, either.

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