Monday, November 21, 2011

Democrats Don't Want Debt Solutions. Proof? Ambulance Chaser Chuck Schumer Shuts Down Tea Party Debt Commission Meeting

The Super Stupid Committee has failed, and all the libs, including the Divider-in-Chief Obama are blaming the GOP for the failure.

But isn't the problem really that we have a President who refuses to lead? He chooses to make speaches and campaign stump apperances while ignoring the job he was elected to do. And can it be said that liberals in Congress don't want the debt to be solved, but choose to make it a campaign issue for their failed President?

Here's a case in point. Last week, Freedomworks and Senator Mike Lee set out to do a Tea Party Debt Commission, illustrating ideas on making $10 trillion in cuts.

But the meeting was shut down, by none other than liberal Senator UpChuck Schumer, the ambulance chaser from Brooklyn.

From FreedomWorks e-mail (h/t Smitty):

While Congress and their "super committee" are meeting behind closed doors and have failed to make even meager cuts to the federal budget, the Tea Party and FreedomWorks proposed massive cuts to federal government. As Roll Call reported, "The FreedomWorks proposal was more detailed than anything that has been publicly discussed by the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction."

But minutes before our event, on the orders of Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, our microphones were confiscated and our members ejected from the room!

We observed all the rules. Senator Mike Lee reserved the room for us weeks in advance. Every "i" was dotted and every "t" crossed. But when Senate Democrats got word that we planned on doing their job for them ... that we planned to suggest real cuts to the budget ... well, that's when they got scared and pulled the plug.

Please watch the video of the shutdown below, and immediately take action by calling Senator Chuck Schumer (Rules Committee Chairman) and Senator Lamar Alexander (Rules Committee Ranking Member) DEMANDING an apology.


Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D NY)

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R TN)

Don't let them put you to voice mail, either. That's their way of brushing you off.

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