Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cain Holds Press Conference, Says "Never Acted Inappropriately With Anyone, Period!" Romney, Rove & Rubin Disgrace Themselves With Their Pile On

This afternoon, Herman Cain took the bull by the horn and faced off against the most recent allegation made by Sharon Bialek, a client of media whore Gloria Allred.

Here's the video (h/t Pat Dollard)

"I Have Never Acted Inappropriately With Anyone, Period!"

On withdrawing from the race? "It ain't gonna happen." "I will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect accusations."

Compared to the inconsistent manner in which Cain responded when the anonymous allegations were made via Politico, I think Cain did a good job today in coming forward and denying the allegation made by Bialek. It is true he did meet her and was pictured with her at a Tea Party event. But, if he had not had the alleged encounter with her 14 years ago, why should he remember her?

By all accounts, Bialek has had a questionable past. Bankruptcies, various judgements against her, and allegations she harassed a former boyfriend who loaned money to her. I heard tape of Chicago media icon Bill Kurtis saying she had "a history." Bialek also lives in the same building as the greasy David Axlerod.

One of the anonymous accusers of Cain was unmasked and found to be working in the Obama Regime, with the Treasury Department. Wow! So there's a lot questions about where these allegations are coming from.

How does this shake out for Cain? It depends. He has unequivocally denied these charges. If there is some chain of evidence that links him with any of these women and gives hard facts to their claims, then he has trouble.

Cain has had problems lately, especially when it comes to policy, making some serious blunders and inconsistent answers on abortion and prisoner swaps for terrorists. Speaking as one person, they've been enough to cause me some second thoughts as far as supporting him. But I'm not going to be swayed as a voter by anonymous, unknown allegations made in the lapdog media. Especially one made by a Democrat hack attorney who makes a habit of conducting media assassinations of Republican candidates, and who trots out a client that appears to have a less than reputable past (I'm biting my tongue and not saying what I really think).

What I have a problem with is many in the professional conservative pundit class who are willing to pile on and or aid in the character assassination of another conservative politician because they are acting as surrogates for the Republican party mainstream. We saw this bullshit when Sarah Palin and others were attacked, and it's got to stop.

Name names? I'm talking about you....Karl Rove! You too, Jennifer Rubin, paid Romney hack for the Washington ComPost.

And you too, Willard "Mitt" Flip Romney. You showed just how much of a classless son of a bitch you are today, by piling on and giving creedence to the allegation. You might as well pull out because while you might have Rove and Rubin with their poms poms cheering you, you will lose in a landslide to Obama a year from now, if you are the nominee.

When there are facts and evidence to prove allegations, then we can criticize Cain or any other candidate for them. But this habit by many alleged conservatives of piling on to anonymous and unknown allegations needs to stop.

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