Monday, November 28, 2011

Are Schumer & Slick Willie Trying To Move Voters To Romney By Saying Good Things About Newt?

Newt Gingrich got a really big endorsement from a major conservative newspaper in the northeast, the New Hampshire Union Leader.

And now he's having good things said about him by Slick Willie Clinton and UpChuck Schumer, the ambulance chaser from Brooklyn (Kerry Picket, Washington Times).

Senator Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, knows very well that any kind of support from him towards a Republican candidate could deep six that GOP'er in as fast as New York minute. Sen. Schumer was asked by Meet the Press's David Gregory on Sunday about former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's recent ascent to the top of the Republican presidential primary pack.

Mr. Schumer seized upon Gingrich's thoughts on how to solve the nation's illegal immigration problem.

(10:12 in from video above) "He’s clearly a smart guy, and look I give him some credit for not just blowing with the winds on an issue like immigration. That showed real courage and I think people are looking for courage and leadership," said Senator Schumer.

The former House speaker's ideas on staving off illegal immigration, which included welcoming guest workers and tracking them with secure IDs, may hurt him among conservatives who interpret his ideas as amnesty.

Senator Schumer was not the only influential Democrat to speak nicely of Mr. Gingrich. Former President Bill Clinton, also endeared himself to Mr. Gingrich telling Newsmax, “He's articulate and he tries to think of a conservative version of an idea that will solve a legitimate problem.”

Mr. Clinton added, "For example, I watched the national security debate last night. And Newt said two things that would make an independent voter say, ‘Well, I gotta consider that.’"

Newt's ideas about some form of legalization for illegal aliens who have been in the country for a number of years has caused a lot of debate among GOP voters, bloggers and activists. Certainly, good words from two extreme, partisan liberal voices would be enough to drive voters from Gingrich, wouldn't it?

And is that what Schumer and Clinton are trying to do? Move independents and Republicans from Newt towards biting the bullet and selecting Romney?

I'm suspicious...and despite earlier endorsements, I'm not for any particular candidate right now, except I am opposed to Romney, Paul or Huntsman.

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