Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another GOP Debate a.k.a. Rick Perry's Downfall

The debate tonight just ended, but the big news tonight is that Rick Perry may have ended his campaign for the Presidency because of a memory lapse. (video from Daily Caller).

That's lights out for Rick Perry 2012. You can't run against Barack Obama like that. That's not to take away from what he has accomplished in Texas.

Mitt Romney looked and sounded just as slick as ever. What was with his hair. He looked like he showed up after getting out of the shower and didn't comb his hair. Romney got flustered when he was questioned on RomneyCare, after calling for free markets on health care. When he's off the slick, rehearsed answers, he's off his game. He's a slick candidate.

Herman Cain had the line of the night, calling Nancy Pelosi "Princess Pelosi." I would have used the term "Queen," but either way, she acted like she was royalty. Remember those taxpayer funded jets to San Francisco? The crowd booed when the moderators brought up the phony sexual allegations. Cain has good responses, but 9-9-9 cannot be an answer to every problem.

Newt Gingrich showed tonight why he is rising in the polls, instead of soundbites, he has ideas and experience.

So who won? Newt won, Perry lost. Everyone else was somewhere in the middle.

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