Friday, November 18, 2011

Ann Coulter Is Doing All She Can To Re-Elect Obama

Why are we even having a Republican primary?

I say that because Obama's lapdog media, and many in the professional conservative punditry have made up their minds before one vote has even been cast....Mitt Romney is the guy to lead us to victory.

The Washington ComPost's conservative Jennifer Rubin tells us so, even though she was a John Kerry liberal turned conservative (in name only).

Wait! Ann Coulter tells us Romney's the one too. We know how much of a conservative star Ann is, don't we? Never mind she said back in 2008 that she'd vote for Hillary if John McLame was the GOP nominee. She even said at the last CPAC (I remember being on the floor and hearing it from her lips), that if Romney was the nominee Obama would win.

So what made Ann "flip flip?" Fatboy Chris Christie, whom Annie has a mad crush on, told us Mitt was the guy. We know just how "conservative" Christie is, don't we? He supports conservative positions like being pro-gun control, pro Ground Zero Victory mosque, appointed a radical Islamist to a New Jersey court, pro-illegal alien, and believes in the existence of man-made glo-BULL warming. I mean, you can't argue with those conservative principles, can you?

In the process of satisfying her crush, Annie wants to insult the people who have provided her a living by calling us "Johnny-Come-Lately conservative purists."

Purists? You mean like the time she and Laura Ingraham attacked Sarah Palin and her supporters? What was that all about? Did that have more to do with jealousy that Palin has something neither Ann or Laura have (a husband and family)? No wonder Sarah decided not to run, especially if she was going to be the recipient of such "friendly fire" from people like Coulter and Ingraham.

Let's face it, we don't have a perfect candidate for 2012. But why should we put all our eggs in the basket of a guy who is slicker than Slick Willie Clinton, avoids any kind of vetting (ask Brett Baier), and couldn't even beat John McLame in 2008?

Ann Coulter has, and as a result, she's doing her part to ensure Richard Milhous Obama will win a second term by a landslide.

Thanks Ann!

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