Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Mitt Romney As The 2012 GOP Nominee Will Ensure Obama's Re-Election

Can Richard Milhous Obama, the worst President in American history, be re-elected?

I think the Republican Party and Reince Preibus are doing their best to make sure that happens.

Last night's debate was, let's just say, boring. Bad moderators, bad setting, bad questions. As far as anyone challenging the media acknowledged front-runner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, last night appeared to be more like a no-contact black belt exhibition instead of a real attempt to hold Slick Mitt to account for his liberal record.

Romney gave three answers last night that were telling. First, he essentialy tried to make the same excuses Obama made the other day about the Occupy Whatever riff-raff, saying they were "frustrated." He defended his RomneyCare socialized health-care plan, similar to Rick Perry on the Texas DREAM Act, by coming close to saying people who opposed it didn't care about insuring children. That sounds like something a liberal would say, not someone who claims to be a conservative.

The third answer, and the clencher, was when Romney described Obama as "well-intentioned" but over his head economically. Well intentioned? WTF????? Obama made it clear a few days before the 2008 election that he was going to fundamentaly transform the United States, if elected.

Romney kind of reminds me of John McLame, answering this question in 2008:

What a dumbass answer from a guy who has spent most of his career in politics beating up on conservatives and going soft on liberals.

How come no one in this debate--candidates or moderators--attempt to nail Romney on Obama using his advisors to craft Obamacare? Why isn't Slick Mitt held to account for these flip flops which make him look like the Republican version of John Kerry (Campaign to Defeat Obama video compliation, h/t Melanie Morgan).

Not to mention that Fat boy Chris Christie has thrown his weight behind Romney, essentially telling conservative voters who make up the GOP base to go to Hell in the process. Mark Levin did a great job of taking apart Ann Coulter's boy-toy.

Just as McLame was a bad choice in 2008, selecting Mitt Romney as the nominee would be worse, and would virtually ensure the re-election of Obama because the base would not be encouraged to vote.

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