Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Was Pressure Put On CBS To Silence Fast & Furious Reporter Sharyl Attkisson?

CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who deserves a Pulitzer Prize for her investigations on Fast and Furious scandal, told Laura Ingraham yesterday she had been yelled at and cussed out by Regime officials.

Now, CBS has decided she will do no more interviews. (The Weekly Standard).

Today, I called CBS News in an attempt to interview Attkisson. I was told by CBS News senior vice president of communications Sonya McNair that Attkisson would be unavailable for interviews all week. When I asked why Attkisson would be unavailable, McNair would not say.

I've also heard from a producer at another media outlet that has previously booked Attkisson that they tried to book her since she made news with the Laura Ingraham interview yesterday. They were also told that she would be unavailable.

After our initial conversation earlier today, I called McNair back and left a message with her office. I also sent McNair an email asking whether Attkisson's unavailability has anything to do with reporting that the White House and Justice Department were angry at her. I further asked McNair if the White House or Justice Department contacted CBS News about Attkisson since yesterday. McNair has not responded to my inquiries.

Eric Boehlert at the George Soro$ funded Media Mutters, tweeted the following tonight.

Did the Regime and their allies, such as Media Mutters, put pressure on See BS to silence Attkisson?

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