Wednesday, October 05, 2011

(VIDEO) Obama Supporters Scream Obscenities, Call Black GOP Candidate "Uncle Tom Nigger" At Protest Of Obama Fundraiser

At a protest of Richard Milhous Obama's fundraising appearance in St. Louis last night, obscenities and racial slurs were liberal Obama supporters at members of the St. Louis Tea Party.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit took this video, where someone screamed at him "go f**king home" and "record me motherf**ker!"

In this video by GeoJG, Obama supporters yell “F**k what y’all talkin about… F**k what y’all talkin about… F**k all y’all!… F**k all y’all!.”

GOP Congressional Candidate Martin Baker, who is black, was told by one of Obama's supporters, "I'm calling you a nigger, an Uncle Tom nigger!" (P/O'ed Patriot, via GP)

This is the opposite of what liberals have claimed about the Tea Party. Tea Party members have long been accused of being racist and bringing signs, banners of a racist nature to rallies. In the most famous incident, members of the Congressional Black Caucus claimed they were spat upon and had the word "nigger" yelled at them 15 times in Washington DC outside the Capitol. All videos shown from that day show zero evidence of any racial slurs screamed at them. Despite this evidence, the media and CBC insists this happened, and the NAACP cited this in their resolution last year against the Tea Party.

So will the media dare to report this, since there's evidence? Probably not, because it doesn't fit the "Tea Party is racist" template, and they're too busy looking for the slur under rocks in Texas.

Dana Loesch took the following video below

and has photos at her write up at Big Journalism. She writes that one woman who yelled at Baker (possibly the slur?) had "friends (who) cussed at my kids while they ate cookies and called them "G*dd*mn Klan members" as I got shots of the crowd."  Swearing at kids....keep it classy you libs!

More at Sharp Elbows.

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