Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thuggish Obama Regime Punishes Media Who Do Not Fawn Over The Anointed One

Add the following to reporters who got kicked off Obama's plane because their papers endorsed his opponent, veteran White House correspondents who get snubbed for questions, as well as invitations to the White House Christmas Party and Correspondent's Dinner, or local reporters who tape protesters of the Dictator President during a fundraiser.

Probably as a result of that last point, only Washington media, no local media, covered the Fundraiser-in-Chief's money grab lunch in his ATM known as San Francisco today (SFGate - Joe Garafoli).

President Obama is scheduled to appear before hundreds of donors at a $7,500-a-plate noontime fundraiser today at San Francisco's W Hotel - but not a single local reporter will be allowed inside to cover his only stop in the area, the White House said Monday.

Coverage instead is being restricted to a small pool of Washington-based reporters - a move that is a sharp departure from the practices of past administrations, political observers said.

Three former top White House press aides called the move insular and politically short-sighted. And some press watchers said it is hypocritical for an administration that Obama promised would be "the most transparent in history."

The White House declined Monday to say why no local reporters would be allowed to attend today's event, nor whether the ban on local media was part of a new national policy.

"As per usual, the White House traveling press pool will cover the President's remarks at his Bay Area campaign event and a transcript of his speech will be circulated to local and national media outlets," White House spokesman Adam Abrams wrote in an e-mail response to The Chronicle.

....Until recently, The Chronicle and other Bay Area papers including the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News regularly served as local pool reporters in their home regions, feeding coverage of events to other media. Local journalists generally know big-monied donors and political players best.

Nicolle Wallace, a former press secretary to Republican President George W. Bush, called the ban "idiotic ... inexplicable on the politics side, let alone the press side."

Closer to home in DC, the thuggery against non-lapdog media continued, as Vice President Joe Bite Me wants an investigation launched into Human Events Editor Jason Mattera, who asked Bite Me last week about his demagoguery of rape for political gain. Bite Me took great exception to the question, telling Mattera "don't screw around with me." (The Hill, via Human Events).

Joe Biden’s office has complained to the Senate press gallery about a confrontation the vice president had with a conservative journalist last week on Capitol Hill.

Biden aides asked whether Senate rules were broken in the wake of the contentious exchange between the vice president and the reporter.

Jason Mattera, who works for Human Events, a conservative magazine, used a pretext to catch Biden off guard in a Senate hallway and grill him on claims the vice president has made about jobs legislation.

Biden’s office has also contacted the standing committee of correspondents, which oversees the gallery, regarding whether Mattera broke the rules by ambushing him.

Of course, the Hill has to put their spin on the coverage. Biden is just pissed off because he was asked a real question, not lobbed a softball as he's used to from the lapdogs. Not only did Bite Me look like a jackass, he had egg all over his face when it was shown that the claim he made about rapes being on the rise is not true.

What was that about "transparency," again?

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Zilla said...

But like abused girlfriends with low self esteem, no matter how much abuse the regime dishes out, the moron stream media will howl, "b-b-but I LOVE HIM!" and continue to bow and scrape at the feet of the leper messiah.