Monday, October 17, 2011

Standing With A Fellow Blogger & Friend Against Vicious Attacks By Leftists

I first heard of Donald Douglas' blogging from his previous blog, Burkean Reflections, before he started up American Power in 2007. He's linked here several times over the years and he's also become a friend.

So it has been disturbing to read the attacks he has faced in a flame war from a few Leftist in the blogosphere, as Zilla of the Resistance explains.

Donald has been under relentless brutal attack by filthy commie pinko rat bastard d-bag jackasses for years now, and it goes far beyond the usual trolling and anonymous death threats that most of us Conservative bloggers have become so accustomed to; the demonic progs have repeatedly published Donald's workplace information and have undertaken a scorched earth endeavor to destroy Donald's life and livelihood. In addition to that, they have viciously slandered him with the most vile false accusations and have even attempted to have law enforcement investigate him for imaginary crimes. There are entire blogs devoted to nothing else but the destruction of this decent and honorable man.

He lists the examples of workplace intimidation and harassment he has received here, as well as the following comment:

Some time back, one of my colleagues suggested that no matter what the nature of online disagreements, no matter how intense or vile, taking such disagreements to an opponent's employer is outside the bounds of decency: it is simply un-American. And I would add that when those same workplace complaints involve blatant and patently false allegations amounting to libel, those taking such actions are not only un-American, but genuinely satanic. And I have to apologize to longtime readers who might be getting bored with such blogging, but writing about the progressive left's perpetual campaign of personal destruction, against my economic livelihood, is how I'm able to deal with the issues, keep my sanity, and of course clear my good name. As I noted earlier, there is essentially no lie that's beyond the pale for the radicals. They'll do anything to destroy opponents. And they don't stop. And virtually to the one, the complaints leveled against me have been pure lies. I'm not going to recount them. All of this is of a piece. But since many on the left are coordinating these attacks, the frequency seems to be accelerating. I'll soon know more about the latest round of allegations and lies. In the meantime, here's a roundup of the workplace attacks I've defended against now for almost three years. In each case, there's never been any finding of impropriety or wrongdoing. In fact, the opposite's been true: Accusers have been revealed as the hateful demonic scum that they are. The fact is, people who want to destroy me have recourse to civil litigation if they feel they've been wronged. But because everything I write about the asshole progressives is true, they can't file suit (they have no case), so they go after my employment, with the most diabolical attacks anyone can imagine. My mind reels at reading some of the lies. My only thought is that people who make such claims have no God-given decency. They are in fact sociopaths bent on destruction. They do the devil's work.

Just as The Lonely Conservative writes here, I have also found it ironic how liberals, Leftists, whatever you want to call them, have always claimed to be such great champions of free speech and free expression. Yet when someone has a different point of view, the Left are always the first ones who try to obscure and censor differing opinions. We saw it during the Prop 8 campaign in California, where lists of people who donated to defend traditional marriage had their workplaces and or businesses distributed in order to punish and silence them.

There is nothing traditionally liberal about that. In fact, it is the totalitarian and fascistic face of the Left that has also existed in nations where Americans spilled their blood to defeat their tyrannical regimes.  If you want to disagree with another point of view, fine.  But when it comes to threatening one's livelihood, libeling critics, falsely accusing them of crimes, etc--that crosses a line.  Not only that, it shows how these Leftists cannot support their own arguments, and must silence their dissenters by any means necessary. Which is the essence of totalitarianism.

It is for this purpose that I stand with my friend and fellow blogger against these attacks.

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Zilla/MJ said...

Thank you for linking & for standing up against evil! Great post! I've added you to the Roll Call and also my blogroll. I look forward to reading more of your posts, you have a new fan!