Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Since Palin Is Out, Count Me In On The Herman Cain Train

For those who've read this blog, I've made no secret of my support for Sarah Palin and hopes that she would run in 2012.

As written earlier, that is not the case. I understand her decision and look forward to what role she will play in 2012.

Since the candidate of my choice is out of the running, I have to say that I'm now ready to support Hermain Cain's candidicy for the 2012 Republican nomination.

He's caught my attention, especially after the last debate, and his Florida straw poll win. Also the fact that he is coming to the table with ideas on how to revive the economy. He has a lot of experience to draw from, in turning around some failing Burger King franchises and Godfather's Pizza. His story is impressive.

I was not happy when I first heard his comment on the Rick Perry non-story by the Washington ComPost, but he was able to walk it back and not continuing to dig when in a hole.

This Cain quote has liberals wetting their panties today (via Right Scoop)....

...and frankly someone needed to say it. We need someone who is willing to be this blunt, and not tell us what we want to hear. Go back in your life and you'll see the people who made the biggest difference in it weren't the ones who told you what you wanted to hear, but what you needed to hear.

Jake Tapper at ABC is reporting tonight on the Cain surge.

And based on what I've seen on Twitter, the biggest beneficiary of Palin's announcement is Herman Cain.

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Rose said...

Me, too.

I'm furious at what has been done to Sarah Palin. The Republicans deserve to lose.

But the fate of the world depends on getting rid of Obama - so I won't turn my back just yet.

I love Herman Cain anyway. He is a good man. I will support him, because of who he is, and not for the party at all.