Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scenes From OccupyDC Fleabaggers On Saturday Afternoon

On my way back to the Metro, I walked by Freedom Plaza, where the Fleabaggers known as Occupy DC are squatting.

Judging by the plaza, their numbers aren't big, as they're taking up only a portion of the Plaza.  Half of those squatting there marched over to the Support Obama's Tax Bill rally.

Did you mean "Lennon" or "Lenin?"

This tent.....

Actually belonged to the usual suspects of Code Pinko.

I'm still not able to figure what this lady was talking about....

Below is some sort of mock remembrance of fallen soldiers, I'm assuming.  I don't think they got permission from the families of these fallen to use their names.

There was a lot of people from the Communist front Veterans for Peace there.

This was their food tent...

I didn't check the slop out.


Deekaman said...

I trust the food was free, since none of these a$$holes claims to have any money.

This is completely organized from the White House. The very fact that the Unions are involved in evidence to nearly incontrovertible proof. Most are useful idiots who will be the first killed if the revolution succeeds. I expect we win the battle, though.

Tania said...

Ugh, you've got the worst of the worst.

Please stay away from the food tent or as I like to call it - Salmonella Central. Textbook food safety red flags crawling all over that tent.

Great descriptive post, keep them coming!

MaroonedinMarin said...

Thanks! Don't worry, I wasn't going anywhere near that food.

MaroonedinMarin said...

I'm sure it was free, or donated...that Soro$ and union dues money gets spread around.