Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street To Target Homes Of The Wealthy, Attack Captiol Hill

This is going to get nasty real soon (NY Daily News, via Jammie Wearing Fool).

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning to get in the face of some of New York's richest tycoons on Tuesday.

A "Millionaires March" will visit the homes - or, more realistically, the gleaming marble lobbies - of five of the city's wealthiest residents.

On the target list: NewsCorp CEO Rupert Murdoch, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, conservative billionaire David Koch, financier Howard Milstein and hedge fund mogul John Paulson.

JWF notes that "Dimon was a huge Obama supporter who's now flirting with Mitt Romney. Obviously it's payback time for turning on The One."

We've seen what's happened when these far-Left groups, as well as Obama's Gestapo like SSEIU, have used this tactic before. I've heard reports of young children in these homes frightened by this riff-raff, who have nothing better to do but terrorize people who've actually done something in their lives.

It's going to get worse in DC soon, Fox News (via This Ain't Hell) is reporting the DC government, in their collective wisdom (and I use that phrase loosely) have given these squatters a four month extension of their permit.

They're also planning to raise a ruckus on Capitol Hill today.

Hey Obama, Pelosi, are you sure you want to own these protests?

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