Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oakland Mayor Surrenders To Obama-Supported Squatters After Tuesday Night's Riot

As I said the other night, no wonder Oakland, CA has had a high murder rate and high crime, especially when the City Leadership refuses to back up their police department, and instead takes the side of a Leftist mob.

Yes, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan deserves a Profiles in Cowardice award for letting the squatters back at their encampments (The Blaze).

Police are standing down as Oakland Mayor Jean Quan allows the “occupiers” to reclaim the city and, presumably set up encampments yet again. The turn of events comes a mere two days after riots swept the city.

“I’m a mayor of a city that has divided opinions on some things,” Mayor Jean Quan said. “I think most support the Occupy Wall Street movement. I know you guys don’t like that I look at things day by day, situation by situation. We’re going to do what keeps most people safe.”

All you seem to hear on the news is the mean ole cops fired tear gas at the squatters and hit an Iraq War Vet. What you don't see, is what started the riot, when a mob trying to take back their camp site surrounded a handful of cops, and all hell broke loose.

At about .35 seconds into the video below, you see the Occupy Oakland crowd start throwing bottles and other projecticles at the police.

Then the tear gas came

Later that night, a guy named Scott Olsen was injured, supposedly when a projecticle (rubber buller or tear gas can) was fired into the crowd, though video evidence is conflicting. Olsen is said to have served in Iraq and has joined the squatters. He's also linked with Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

When I see those two groups mentioned (VforP and IVAW), red flags go up. Though I'm not going to make assumptions about Olsen's service until there is proof, it sholud be noted that some phony soldiers have claimed membership in organizations like IVAW (remember Jesse MacBeth?), and you don't have to have served in Iraq to be a member (Iraq Veterans Against the War is open to Active Duty, National Guard and Reservists who have served since 09/11/2001). Already, IVAW is using Olsen to raise money, according to my buddy Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell. Jonn adds.

I also don’t know what happened to Olsen or who did it, but even if what the hippies are saying is entirely true, he shouldn’t have been resisting the police, which is what all of the crowd were doing. the hippies are saying he was injured for “speaking out” but he wasn’t speaking out, he was breaking the law. Veterans don’t get a pass when they break the law, even if it’s just a law we don’t agree with.

Agreed. It wasn't like he, or any of those other squatters were just minding their business, they went there with the intent to break the law.

Now they got the mayor to surrender her city to lawlessness, to drug addicts, hippies and other misfits to crap, use drugs, attract more rats and terrorize local banks because they cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

If I were a cop on the Oakland PD, I'd turn in my badge after today. Why risk one's life to protect and serve when the leadership is so feckless and willing to side with lawbreakers?

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