Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Wonder Obama, Pelosi, Soro$ Linked #OWS Gets The American Nazi Party Seal of Approval

It is any surprise that you don't see any of this reported by the Lapdog Media? (Public Secrets)

And she works for the LA School District?

There's been so many examples of this behavior at this movement endorsed by Richard Milhous Obama, Nancy Bella-Pelosi and the DemcRAT Party:

All this anti-Semitism, no wonder the American Nazi Party (yes, I'm not kidding) is endorsing Occupy Wall Street (Weasel Zippers).

So Pelosi, Obama, you still want to throw your arms around these squatters?

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Triff said...

Er... ok. You realise that the GOP just had like 13 different debates, all of which featured Ron Paul right?

You know, the candidate every neo-nazi, white supremacist, white nationalist and every other flavor of jew hating club in the US lines up to support every election cycle. That's cool though right? It ain't like a US presidential candidate is as important as that fat lady there from last week.