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Morgan Freeman and Eva Longoria: Lessons In Hollywood Idiocy & Elitism

I agree with Brad Schaffer's recent disappointment in actor Morgan Freeman, detailed at Big Government. Freeman had always stuck me as "color-blind," even suggesting that the idea of Black History Month was idiotic.

But in the Age of Obama, all that changed. Freeman decided (without ever attending a Tea Party) that all of us who are angry at what this White House is doing to our great nation is "racist."

Wouldn't it be great to invite Morgan Freeman to a Tea Party? That's exactly what an African-American blogger named Ali Akbar (whom I met at CPAC earlier this year) did (The Other McCain).

Dear Mr. Freeman,
My name is Ali Akbar. I’m a 26 year-old African-American small business owner and a tea party activist. . . .

I idolized you as a boy. Growing up without a father, you were one of the strong black men in my life who gave me a model to follow. Each of the characters you played had dignity and confidence. I tried to emulate the strength you projected. . . .

I’ve attended dozens of tea party events. I’ve helped organize them, and I’ve even spoken at a few. The tea party is not what is often depicted in the news. It is people of all colors who are terribly concerned about the direction that America is heading. We don’t trust big government to make decisions for us. And we fear that the present administration’s spending is going to lead our country down a path to insolvency, much like what Greece is currently facing. . . .

I’m hoping that you’ll come to a tea party in Tennessee — the place of your birth. Really anywhere in the country that works for you; I’ll set it up with the one of the thousands of activists I know around our great country. I’d be delighted to introduce you to good people who will welcome you with open arms, disagree with you, and then feed you some of the best barbeque you’ve ever tasted. . . .

Akbar has even the idea of sending Freeman Gasden flags. Check out Your Move Morgan.

But it's not just Morgan Freeman. Actress Eva Longoria, who stars on the idioitic TV show "Horny Housewives," (and is also a fellow Alumni of Texas A&M at Kingsville) went to an Obama fundraiser earlier this week and attacked average Americans on Jimmy Kimmel's show (Newsbusters, via Sister Toldjah).

EVA LONGORIA: But you know what, it’s a special privilege to meet our commander in chief.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Sure, yeah.

LONGORIA: And, you know, I’m a big Obama supporter no matter what he’s been through. He’s been beaten up the past couple of years.

KIMMEL: Did you tell him that?


KIMMEL: And was he receptive?

LONGORIA: Well, he’s been very receptive for me, because I’m a big advocate for Latino issues. And, so, he’s been a big listener and he’s done a lot of coalitions and a lot of round tables regarding what we want changed and-

KIMMEL: When you say he’s a big listener, you’re making fun of his ears?

LONGORIA No! No! You know, he keeps getting beat up lately because there’s such an extremist movement happening and it’s a very dangerous- For me, it’s very dangerous because it’s not the character of America. It’s really under attack. And he’s been governing in, like, a state of emergency since the time he went into office so we haven’t really seen him do what he can do.

Since when does believing in the principles of freedom and individual liberty make you an "extremist" or a "racist?" Oh yes, when you disagree with an elitist. Hollywood sure is a place far removed from Kingsville, TX or neighboring Corpus Christi, where Longoria grew up.

Since she's a fellow alumni, maybe I should invite Eva Longoria to be my guest at a Tea Party.  She should understand that those of us so-called "extremists" are every day people who are doing our best trying to make ends meet.

I'm sure there's also many of those she's attacked are probably fans of her TV show.

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