Sunday, October 23, 2011

Liberal Misogynist & Hatemonger Bill Maher Attacks Michelle Malkin, Says She'd Name Her Vibrator "Obama"

It seems this creep can never hit rock bottom, because he just keeps digging (Newsbusters, h/t American Power).

Donald Douglas adds:
And, of course, I don't see Rachel Maddow, that great champion of the oppressed, putting up any objections. That's misogynist. Where's the progressive outrage?

Michelle's probably kicking with her family, enjoying her weekend. But look for another awesome roundup next week on how "tolerant" are these progressive hacks.

Keep up the fight, Michelle! I'm standing with you!

Same here Michelle, I stand with you too!

Just like the outbreak of racism at the Occupy Whatever squatter camps, this type of crap is overlooked, simply because Maher is a lib. Keep in mind he's also called Sarah Palin a "twat" and a "cunt." That's not all, here's what he's said about Herman Cain:

"You see, here's a good question about racism. I think people have been reluctant to say that Herman Cain is dumb and an idiot like Sarah Palin -- and we said it about her -- because they're afraid people [are going to say] 'you're just saying that because you're racist.' I'm not racist, I think he's dumb. I think he's really dumb because he didn't -- he didn't anticipate that if he was running for president people would ask him questions, about stuff," Maher told the panel.

Obviously Mr. Maher has been ignoring the news. Last week alone several so-called influential black commenters said in so many words that Cain is not black nor is he worthy of being black.

And on Friday, a MSNBC host questioned Mr. Cain's intelligence, saying he doesn't think the presidential candidate would be able to spell Iraq.

Yet, it was Maher who accused Cain's supporters, and the Republican party, of being the real racists because they view Cain as their "black friend."

"My black friend Herman Cain says racism is over and they should just suck it up. Thats my black friend [who] said that. So you know it's okay," Maher said in a sarcastic tone.

Here you go, Bill!  Just in time for Halloween

And libs claim to be such champions of women and minorities. For a guy with so much hate, it's a wonder Bill Maher hasn't choked on his own bile.

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