Monday, October 03, 2011

If Booing Needs To Be Rebuked, Why Didn't Obama Rebuke The Crowd At His Inauguration?

I am reading Decision Points by George W. Bush, checked out from the library.  I'm only through chapter three, and so far it's interesting.  There's a lot about his term that was great, and much that I had disagreements with, but nonetheless, the book should be an interesting insight into his thinking.

But that got me to thinking about what Richard Milhous Obama said the other night, trying to demagogue the whole issue of one idiot who booed a question on DADT at the last Presidential Debate. Here was a guy who campaigned in 2008 about being a "uniter" and all that, but yet this is what happened on the day of his 2009 Inauguration to departing President Bush.

The Moderate Voice: Bush Hecklers Leave a Stain On Obama Inauguration

Obama was silent about the booing of his predecessor, but Obama the Hypocrite chides the GOP field for not saying anything (which isn't true) about the booing of this question.

Likewise, when it comes to lectures about supporting troops, Obama never felt the need to return money raised by one of his top bundlers, Code Pinko co-founder Jodie Evans, who spent the last few years meeting with Americas enemies and supporting the terrorists against our own troops.  Remember that this Obama bundler also tried to rush the stage during the 2008 Republican Convention, and there was no condemnation from Obama.

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