Friday, October 07, 2011

Herman Cain Draws Big Lunchtime Crowd For Booksigning At Costco, Pentagon City, VA. Urges Palin Supporters To Check Out His Candidacy

2012 GOP Presidential contender Herman Cain signed books and met with supporters for a lunchtime booksigning at the Costco in Pentagon City, VA, earlier this afternoon.

His "This Is Herman Cain" book tour bus.

The crowd was huge. This is what it looked like at the podium where he was signing books....

...and then it wrapped along the side of the wall, to the back of the store. These photos were taken at around 12:30 p.m, which was 30 minutes into his booksigning. Many who were in the store didn't know he was here, and decided to buy a book and get in line.

Several in the crowd were questioned by various media in attendance.

Cain also took questions from the press. He talked about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin deciding not to run, stating he loves and respects her, and shares a lot in common with her. He urged Palin supporters to check out his candidacy.

He also clarified comments made in a Wall Street Journal interview about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The subject of his interview with that liberal hack Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC came up, where O'Donnell, a white liberal, actually tried to lecture Cain about how to be a black man.

Cain explained to the press also his rise in the GOP field, noting that supporters are attracted to the substance of his message.

I met up also with Robert Stacy McCain, who asked Cain a couple of questions.

This was the first appearance by Cain in the DC area today. He left Costco to go to the Values Voters Summit being held this weekend.

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