Monday, October 03, 2011

ESPN's Double Standard--Hank Williams Jr. Cancelled For Calling Obama "Hitler," But Radio Hosts Can Laugh At Sarah Palin Rape Jokes

ESPN has shown their political bias once again.

Earlier today, country music star Hank Williams Jr. made a comment in which he compared Richard Milhous Obama to Adolf Hitler. The hosts at Fox & Friends apologized for the comment. It was a dumb comparison Williams made and he should have used better judgement.

ESPN has jumped into the fray and cancelled the singer's intro to Monday Night Football (Yahoo News).

ESPN released a statement expressing disappointment in Williams' comments. The network said the intro will be pulled for one game and any further decision will be based on how contrite the singer-songwriter is in the immediate future.

Stories like this can blow over and burn slowly for a few days. If it's the former, Williams' intro could be back for next week's game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. If it's the latter, "Monday Night Football" may just have become a little less rowdy.

Now, as I said earlier, Williams should have used better judgement in making the comparison. What I have a problem with is ESPN's obvious selective outrage at the antics of their personalities.

While "Bocephus'" intro was pulled at least for tonight, ESPN and ESPN radio have been silent about the hosts of Gridlock, who giggled like three immature jockstraps at the violent sexualization of former Alaska (2008 VP candidate and possible 2012 GOP Presidential contender) Governor Sarah Palin by convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

The liberal sports network also went after Paul Azinger for a Tweet he sent mocking Obama's serial golfing, but were silent when Kenny Mayne sent a tweet in June, saying he almost rammed a car with a Palin bumper sticker.

If you ask me, I think laughing at rape jokes at any woman is worse than calling someone Hitler. After all, liberals and their grassroots protesters do that every day and never get punished for it.

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Greg said...

It's not that he insulted Obama, it's that he belittles what Jews and others went through under Hitler. It like talking to a rape victim and saying, "I know what you mean, Jiffy Lube overcharged me the other day."