Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cult-Like Scenes From Occupy Philly

Tania at Midnight Blue shot the following video of the squatters called Occupy Philly the other day.

Creepy! I seem to recall, in the video of John Lewis being turned away from speaking to the group in Atlanta, the group was doing this same repeating of small phrases. You'd wonder if this is becoming cult like.

Or perhaps Bob Hope had the answer:

Speaking of Philadelphia, I saw this sign from the "Resist We Much" rally in DC the other day, where some of the unions expressed their displeasure with Mayor Nutter, who last I checked was a liberal Democrat.


Tania said...

Thanks for post my two favorite videos from the Occupy Philly open mic event.

It was quite disconcerting to videotape while dozens of people around you are chanting like zombies. I felt like a non-believer at a cult rally.

Deekaman said...

The whole repeating thing is very creepy. It shows me that there is little individualism or individual thought.

I still believe that we should be VERY concerned about this movement. Progressivism must be defeated and eradicated from the United States.

It becomes more clear daily that "Socialism" and "Social Democracy" do not work. The fall of the Soviet Union, the more capitalistic China and the disasters in Europe are clear evidence. Do these people believe they are so much smarter and better that only THEY can make it work?