Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Will Random House Settle With Palins Out of Court?


Lawyers for Sarah Palin have sent Random House, publishers of stalker Joe McGinniss' book of lies about the former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, a letter telling them don't destroy documents they have in regards to the book preparation.

In other words....you've been warned, a lawsuit may be on its way.

One poster at FreeRepublic.com wrote this observation:

Just got off on the phone with a friend in the legal field and she says that a potential lawsuit against Random House by anyone of the Palin family involved in the "trash book" will most likely be quietly settled out of court because the idiot McGinniss opened up Random House to a whole lot of trouble and gives the Palin's an upper hand and GIFT in Court because McGinniss waived attorney client privileged between him and RH by talking about it to a third party (Jesse Griffin) and thus Palin's lawyers are entitled to ALL correspondence from Random House concerning the book.

My friend say that Random House may have a lot of leftists there and may hate Sarah Palin with a passion but its pure suicide for them legally to open up their correspondences in the "discovery phase"....they may have more damning info in those correspondence that was meant only for "Random House Eye's Only".

She said Random House and Jon Meachem may do a kabuki dance in the public defending the book and its "sourcing" on these false allegation but behind the scenes they will most likely quickly call for a settlement before the case got to discovery phase or even before the case is brought forth.

Could that be a possibility?

Anyone who has been to journalism school learns about legal affairs, and the guiding principle is that the truth is the best defense and you have to prove what you print. If Random House's lawyers had doubts about the contents of this book, and they published it anyway, they've really put themselves in a bind that only an out-of-court settlement could rescue them.

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