Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well, Well...Look Who Bristol Palin's Harasser Stephen Hanks Is Pictured With

So Stephen Hanks, a hateful leftist in Los Angeles, thought it would be real tolerant of him to harass Bristol Palin in a cowboy bar, telling her that her mother is a "whore" the "devil" and told her "did you ride Levi like that?"

Well look who Hanks is pictured with here....

None other than that white trash Levi Johnston, the sperm donor of Bristol Palin's child and Playgirl pinup (hat tip Free Republic).

The video of Hanks harassing Bristol, via American Power.

Hanks has a Twitter account called SickofPalin and tweets real tolerant comments like these:

More of the "teabagger" slur and attacks on Andrew Breitbart.  What's that about "chins" in China, sounds racist.

Hanks at a BP Oil protest below (from his Twitter photos)

Real classy, attacking the child of a Presidential contender and calling her mother a "whore."  Jerk!

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