Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tucker Carlson Goes To The Gutter...Regurgitates Mike Tyson's Vile, Misogynist Attack Against Sarah Palin & Attacks Conservative Blogger

First let me say I've never been that impressed with Tucker Carlson. He's always struck me as a kind of Bob Backlund-esue "Howdy Doody" type with the bow tie and all that.

He was not impressive during his days as the token "conservative" on Crossfire with that snake charmer James Carville. His role on that show was more akin to a vaudevillian clown actor whose role is to take the pies and the pot shots from the others on stage.

Tucker started The Daily Caller and every once in a while, there's been something of note that I've linked here. But Tucker and The DC appear to be going more the way of RedState in being the establishment GOP's attack dog against grassroots conservative candidates and bloggers.

What started it was the DC published the vile words of Mike Tyson about Sarah Palin. Why the DC thought repeating the words of an alleged spousal abuser, convicted rapist (who later attacked his victim in print) and ear muncher is beyond anyone's guess.  But they did.

Greta van Susteren (via Dan Riehl) called out Carlson on the post. Tucker, according to Greta, is playing the coward and not responding:

I emailed Tucker yesterday and asked him about it. He did not reply. I wanted to know what action he was going to take about it since I really did not want to blog about it and felt some urge to protect him. 24 hours have passed and I have not heard from Tucker and it is still on the front page of his website.

So…I am calling him out on this. This is not about whether you are in favor of Governor Palin’s policies or not — this is about whether women should be treated this way and whether this is journalism. It is also about the willingness to stand up to a friend when he or she has gone way over the top and this is one instance where a friend has gone way over the top.

In case you have any doubt, there is an easy test as to whether this is deeply wrong. To all you Palin haters out there, ask yourself, would this be ok if this were written about others – eg Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? or Speaker Nancy Pelosi or any other woman leader? or put in the name of your mother….your daughter…your own name…your sister…etc.

Tucker can’t hide behind ‘this is news, it was said by Mike Tyson and we are simply reporting it.’ It is not news. This denigrates women. He knows that, I know that, you know that.

By the way….I can’t help but wonder what the women on The Daily Caller think.

I hope Tucker does something about this. For starters, he should pull the posting down and then fire anyone who used this bad judgment and was part of posting it. This is not journalism. It is denigrating women.

It gets worse. Someone claiming to be Carlson, as well as DC writer Alex Poor (who will be known here as "Poor Alex") decided to attack conservative blogger Dan Riehl and threaten him with lawsuits. Matthew Boyle has also attacked Riehl. The reason? Riehl called the DC, Carlson, and Poor Alex on their BS.

If The Daily Caller is going to print hateful garbage that they double down on when called on it (instead of issuing a retraction), then they need to dissolve. The last thing we need in the coming months of an important election year is the mud-slinging from establishment voices like the DC and RedState.


urpower said...

Very well put.

Jethro Billings said...

hey dumb f**k, the reporter's name is Jeff Poor. Moron.

Jim Treacher said...

Dan Riehl accused Jeff Poor of being a pedophile. He then took down the post. Just FYI.

MaroonedinMarin said...

Jim: I didn't see the original post, but what was the deal with comments under an image? That was the issue I think Dan was writing about.

Seriously, that was pretty slimy for the DC to do to Sarah Palin. If you want to report how ESPN allowed and appears to condone violent remarks being said about her, that's an angle. But to report the vile verbal attack by a convicted rapist for the sake of shock value showed bad judgement.

Dan Riehl said...

"accused Jeff Poor of being a pedophile. He then took down the post. Just FYI."

Treacher is a dumb-azz and a liar. Just FYI. : )

Jim Treacher said...

You accused Jeff Poor of being a pedophile, Dan, and then you took it down.

Tania said...

Does Tucker know and approve of your trolling on behalf of a Daily Caller article, Jim?