Monday, September 26, 2011

The Truth: Texas Fires Not Caused by Climate Change, Obama Denied Texas Disaster Request in May

President Richard Milhous Obama, whose job appears to consist of only vacations, golfing, and campaign fundraising, made the following statement at his recent fundraiser in the San Francisco Bay Area, aka "Obama's ATM." (NY Times, via Michelle Malkin)

“I mean, has anybody been watching the debates lately?” he asked. Referring to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who has sought federal aid to fight wildfires caused by a prolonged drought, Mr. Obama said: “You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change.

First of all, let's put truth to the lies spun by the Thug-in-Chief Obama.

Glo-BULL warming did not start the fires in Texas. One of the fires earlier this year was caused by arson (h/t - Gateway Pundit ). Obama was even in El Paso during that time, campaigning and fear mongering (remember the "put alligators in a moat speech?). The most recent fires in the Bastrop, TX area (just east of Austin) were caused by trees knocked over by high winds hit power lines. (Drew M. Ace of Spades  ).

As proof, here's a recent article in the Austin American Snakesman:
Trees that came crashing into overhead power lines earlier this month probably caused the fire that has devoured more than 34,000 acres and 1,600 homes in Bastrop County, according to an investigation released by the Texas Forest Service on Tuesday.

Wind gusts reaching more than 30 mph on Sept. 4 apparently severed trees at two locations that tumbled into the electrical lines, causing sparks that fell into the dry grass and tree litter below.

Obama also denied a request from Governor Rick Perry back in May for federal relief from the wildfires happening then. (CNN)

Gov. Rick Perry continued his tirade against President Obama late Tuesday, when the administration's decision to deny his request for a disaster declaration for the state of Texas was finalized.

Perry requested a declaration from the president in mid-April to clear the way for federal funding and assist in state efforts to fight wildfires that have burned over 2.2 million acres of land.
"I am dismayed that this administration has denied Texans the much needed assistance they deserve," Perry said, in a statement. "It is not only the obligation of the federal government, but its responsibility under law to help its citizens in times of emergency."

And for Perry, the issue may not be settled.

"We will immediately look at all of our options, including appealing the denial, so Texans can receive the resources and support they need as wildfires continue to threaten life and property across our state," he continued.

Maybe this is a coincidence, but there appears to be a pattern of this Regime and this President stalling or resisting requests for aid, especially when the governors of these states are Republicans who have criticized this Regime.

Louisiana comes to mind, during last year's BP oil spill.

Recall too, that the Johnson Space Center, based in the Houston, TX area, was passed over when it was time to find homes to display the retired Space Shuttles. Obama got testy with one reporter when asked about the snub.

Well, as a native Texan, I have this to say to Richard Milhous Obama....


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