Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Party Express Debate - Bachmann Shines, Perry Stumbles Badly

The Tea Party Express and CNN put together what I would say has probably been the best of the 2012 Republican Presidential Debates this evening.

What was good about it? Some great questions were asked by real Americans, instead of snarky questions put together by liberal commentators, as we saw in the MSNBC debate last week.

Tonight's winner, in my opinion? Michele Bachmann. She really hit Texas Governor Rick Perry hard on the vaccine he instituted by executive order in Texas, and also hit him hard on his signing of the DREAM Act in the State of Texas. She also went after Obamacare, saying it needed to be taken out by the roots.

For his second debate, Perry started good against Romney on the issue of Socialist Security but looked bad on the vaccine issue, immigration, and saying he would repeal Obamacare by executive order. This was not Perry's night.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's weak moment is how he continues to stand by Romneycare in Massachusetts. He can try as he may to distance himself from what Obama said about modeling Obamacare after Massachusetts' government run insurance, but it won't fly with voters.

Seriously, can we get Ron Paul the hell off the stage? Everything this loon says comes back to his attacks on national defense and his pre-World War II isolationist views. He complains about building airplanes used in World War II. I think it's been a while since our nation produced a B-17 or a B-29.

Rick Santorum hit Paul hard on his ridiculous statements on 9/11. Paul wrote in a blogpost that America was to blame for the terrorist attacks 10 years ago yesterday because of "occupation."

Perhaps if Al-Queda wanted to start a political party, RuPaul should be their nominee, since (along with American liberals) he spreads their talking points. He isn't fit for the Republican Party. Neither is Jon Huntsman, who continues to push the same "Nation building here in America" cut and run philosophy his former boss, Obama, does.

The next debate is a Fox News debate that will happen September 22, in Orlando FL.

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