Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sarah Palin: Challenge In 2012 Is Who & What To Relace Obama With...

And the crowd roared "Run, Sarah, Run!"

Sarah Palin's Iowa tea party speech just ended and was another great take down of the Obama Regime.  But this time, Palin went further and asked that we make sure we know who we're replacing him with,

"I think status quo is Latin for 'more of the same of the mess we're in'" she said.

She took a swipe at polls, stating "polls are for strippers and skiers."

While criticizing the upcoming speech on Thursday by "That One" where he will announce (at least part of) another jobs plan, Palin gave more than just criticism of Obama.  She gave her own plan: Empower the people, workers, entreprenuers.  Give power back to the states and repeal Obamacare, plus no more runway debt - - prioritize and cut.  As well as becoming energy independent by drilling here for energy and making America more attractive to do business by eliminating all federal corporate income tax, but eliminating bailouts, corporate welfare.

She called bailouts and corporate welfare socialism for big business.

"That "hopey changey stuff" didn't create one job last month.  Real hope comes from you." she said.

While it was another great speech by the former Alaska Governor, there was one major element missing.  That is her announcement that she will run for President.  She has the right ideas, which are the basis of conservatism, but it doesn't appear that many of the current GOP crop is willing to espouse all or most of these ideals.

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Rose said...

She will run. And she will win.