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"Peace & Tolerance" Studies, Snubbing Christian Ministers--How The Left Is Hijacking 9/11 To Promote Political Correctness

A sacred day that should be used to remember those lost to Islamic terrorism is being hijacked to promote politically correct "peace studies" and "tolerance," as well as meaningless "volunteer in your community" activities.

All being done by the Left.

I wrote about this a few weeks ago, how Washington DC Public Schools (your tax dollars at work) are commemorating the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Here's some of the more ridiculous items contained in the official proclamation from the District of Columbia:

Media Contacts
• Doxie McCoy, (202) 727-9691
• Dr. Linda Wharton Boyd, (202) 727-5011

WHO/WHAT: Mayor Vincent C. Gray and members of the 9-11 Tenth Anniversary Honorary Committee, representing the educational, civic, philanthropic, religious, business and public-safety communities as well as non-profit groups to host three days of events memorializing the lives lost 10 years ago in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Special lessons of tolerance, peace and service will be taught in DC Public Schools.

BACKGROUND: The theme for the three-day observance, “One City…One World: Peace, Tolerance, Service and Remembrance,” is designed to honor the lives of DC residents who died on September 11, 2001, a tragic day in the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world. In addition, the observance will recognize the dedication and commitment of the District’s first responders; promote, through classroom instruction and activities, lessons on tolerance and peace; inspire an understanding of student global citizenship; and rekindle the spirit of service that emerged after the attacks of 9-11.


Friday, September 9, 2011: Day of Tolerance

8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.: “DCPS Lessons Promoting Tolerance and Peace”

Description: Throughout this special day and weeks leading up to 9-11, DCPS students will be engaged in instructional lessons and activities teaching tolerance and promoting peace. A “One City…One World: Peace, Tolerance, Service and Remembrance” page on the DCPS educators' portal will be launched to support teachers with instructional resources (such as lesson plans) aligned with the goals of the day. A message will be placed in the Principal's and Educator's Weekly about how to make the day meaningful for DCPS students.

9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.: “Remembering Our Students, Teachers and National Geographic Chaperones”

Leckie Elementary School
4201 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SW

Description: This ceremony will honor the three DC Public Schools (DCPS) students, three teachers and two National Geographic Society chaperones killed in the tragic 9-11 attacks. Families, teachers, students and former principals from impacted schools will participate in the program. The program will culminate with a tree-planting ceremony hosted by the Washington Architectural Foundation.

.....11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.: “Global DC: Creating the Vision”
Cardozo Senior High School
1200 Clifton Street NW

Description: This event honors the lives lost on 9-11 by focusing on the need to prepare our city’s students for global citizenship in the 21st century. The program will include keynote speaker Dr. Johnnetta Cole, Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art; a student panel; and the announcement of a new public-private initiative to advance global education in DC Public Schools.

Saturday, September 10, 2011: Day of Peace

12:00 noon: Passing of the Peace Rose Petal Ceremony

Hains Point
Ohio Drive SW

Description: Children from across the District will assemble at Hains Point to participate in a discussion about the values of peace in their communities, the United States and abroad. Following the exercise, the children will participate in a ceremony spreading white rose petals on the Potomac as a symbol of peace, to honor the lives lost during the 9-11 attacks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011: Day of Service and Remembrance

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.: 9-11 Anniversary Tribute and Service Day

Freedom Plaza
(Pennsylvania Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets NW)

Sponsored by: Hands on Network and 9-11 Families
Hosted by Serve DC and Greater DC Cares

Description: This tribute serves as a time for the community to rekindle the spirit of service that emerged following the attacks of 9-11. It will showcase participants engaged in an on-site service project that will directly impact regional non-profits, schools and community-based organizations, including painting a 9-11 Remembrance Mural, assembling educational kits for students and writing honor cards to military families.

Tolerance? Globalism? What about teaching patriotism and American exceptionalism? This emphasis on peace and tolerance seems to be a hidden implication that we, as Americans, somehow invited this attack on us because we aren't tolerant people.

Maybe if anyone needs to learn "tolerance," it is those preaching the radical doctrine that pushed and inspired these 19 hijackers and others to go around the world, blow themselves up, kill innocents, cut peoples heads off, oppress women, kill homosexuals, Jews, Christians, and other "infidels. Oh but we can't say that, because CAIR and a number of these other grievance groups who pose as civil rights organizations will scream "Islamophobia." Never mind that hate crimes against Muslims are in the low single digits, while Jews and Christians have a much higher level of hate crimes committed against them.

It gets worse. Not only are clergy, many first responders and 9/11 families not invited to 9/11 ceremonies in New York, here in Washington DC, the Episcopal National Cathedral is happening sans a Catholic or evangelical Christian minister. (Fox News).

"A Call to Compassion” will include an interfaith prayer vigil on Sept. 11th. It will feature the dean of the Cathedral, the Bishop of Washington, a rabbi, Buddhist nun and incarnate lama, a Hindu priest, the president of the Islamic Society of North America and a Muslim musician.

However, Southern Baptists, representing the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, – and neither were leaders from any evangelical Christian organization.

“It’s not surprising,” said Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. “There is a tragic intolerance toward Protestants and particularly toward evangelicals and I wish the president would refuse to speak unless it was more representative.”

Not just that, but there are suspicious ties between the Islamic Society of North America and terrorism.

I could see this coming in the days after 9/11, and now ten years later it has hit fruition. The Left is hijacking this sacred day by pushing more community service, political correctness, diversity and tolerance; in a way that shows intolerance towards all that makes America great.

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