Monday, September 05, 2011

New Obama Scandal Brewing As "Green Jobs" Company Solyndra Goes Bankrupt After Getting Taxpayer $$$$$

What a way for an incumbent President to head into a re-election campaign. A faltering economy, high unemployment, the InJustice Department in a scandal over Operation Gunrunner/Fast & Furious.

Now a new scandal is brewing, involving a company being championed by the Obama Regime that received half a billion dollars in taxpayer funded loans.

This ABC video from Breitbart.TV, via Nice Deb, tells the story.

More from Jim Hoft at Big Government:

Top Obama bundler George Kaiser made multiple visits to the White House in the months before the company was granted a $535 million loan from the government.

iWatch News reported, via Free Republic:

"The i Watch News investigation confirmed that at least 18 other bundlers have ties to businesses poised to profit from the president’s political agenda, through stimulus money, government contracts, or other spending to promote clean energy technology or green development.

Oklahoma billionaire investor George Kaiser is one. A longtime Democratic donor, he is a big financial backer of a company that in March of 2009 won a $535 million loan guarantee [19] from DOE for a solar plant in Silicon Valley. He had multiple visits to the White House in the months before he was awarded the contract. Kaiser has not responded to interview requests from iWatch News."

Darrell Issa has to be the busiest man in Washington, right now, thanks to the Obamacrat corruption.

And so much for the "transparency" from the Regime about this shady deal.

Is it any wonder that Sarah Palin talked about "crony capitalism" the other day?

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