Monday, September 05, 2011

MEDIA MATTERS LIES: Accuses Fox News Of "Fabricating (Hoffa's) Call To Violence"

Jimmy Hoffa Jr's violent rhetoric today toward the Tea Party and Republicans at an event where President Richard Milhous Obama was speaking was so indefensible that the George Soro$ funded liars at Media Blathers for America found some way to defend it.

How? Easy! They resorted to blaming Fox News, accusing the network of "fabricating" the union leader thug's call for violence.

Except there's one problem. If you go to the Fox News link, the supposed "missing quote" is there.

Plus, if Hoffa meant to say "vote them out," He should have used that term, instead of a phrase that's been used to describe a "hit" or (according to Urban Dictionary) "to murder somebody get rid of them for good."

Unions have used that phrase previously (Huffington Post - March 2010)

As health care reform enters its do-or-die stage in Congress, union leaders on Tuesday began threatening that they will work to 'take out' Democratic lawmakers who vote against the bill.

In a set of fiery speeches outside a private health insurance lobby gathering on Tuesday, a group of prominent labor and progressive leaders excoriated industry executives, calling them everything from "dark titans" to "domestic enemies."

Yet these liberals, who regularly use this thuggish, gangster language have a problem with the term "targeting districts?"

UPDATE: Headline at that right-wing network known as ABC News (thanks to Larry O'Connor, via Twitter).

Quick!  Somebody call David Crock and Erich Bohelert at Media Mutters!

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as how Media Matters was referring to Fox News VIDEO EDITING, the quote on their website doesn't do much to discredit them. Watch the video on the link below and see if what you hear matches up with what he actually said (and what Fox News website says he said). Why wouldn't they just show his face up close so you can read his lips? I'm pretty sure this is the segment Media Matters was referring to.