Thursday, September 08, 2011

Maybe GOP Should Have Let Gibson Guitars CEO, Or Car Dealers Who Lost Dealerships, Give The Rebuttal To Obama's "Save My Job" Speech

Not sure how the ratings will go, but Richard Milhous Obama gave his long awaited "jobs" speech, which should have been titled the "Save My Job" speech.

I didn't watch it because I had a feeling what was coming. From what I saw and have read, I was right. Just a partisan, campaign speech masquerading as a policy proposal.

"Pass this bill right now!"

Spoken like a true community organizer. The only thing missing was the bullhorn.

There were several entrepreneurs at the Capitol this evening, guests of House Speaker John Boehner. It seems to me, the Republicans, who did not give a rebuttal to the speech, missed a good opportunity and should have had some of these business owners give a rebuttal to "That One."

Like Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. He was quoted after Obama's speech (NRO, via Gateway Pundit).

Henry Juszkiewicz, the chief executive officer of Gibson Guitar Corp., tells National Review Online that President Obama, a “big liberal,” has done “untold damage to business” and should not be applauded for his jobs speech. ”He’s a government fan,” he says. “He has a problem with successful businesses. He thinks they’re the problem, that they shouldn’t be quite as successful.”

“He is using the levers of government to not only redistribute, but to penalize,” he adds. “I see a difference between what he said and what he’s doing.”

Gibson has been under federal investigation in recent months, reportedly for its importation practices. Juskiewicz blames the Obama administration for causing his company, an iconic American brand, to lose money and lawyer up.

“We’re under attack,” Juskiewicz says. “It’s pretty interesting to see that one of the points in Obama’s speech was to cut back regulation and promote jobs, when, in fact, he’s done just the opposite with us. We have been under investigation and harrasment for over two years and that continues on — seized goods, shut down our plant.”

Gibson's big sin? Juskiewicz has donated to Republicans, and Gibson is non-union, which has raised suspicions about why the iconic guitar maker has been targeted.

They weren't at the speech, but maybe the Green family of Odem, TX could have also given a rebuttal to Obama. The Green family ran E.H. Green Motors in Odem, a small town just north of Corpus Christi, TX, since 1936. The Chrysler dealership was closed after the government takeover by the Obama Regime in 2009, even though it was making a profit. Texas had the most Chrysler dealer closings in the nation as well.

These photos below of the Green Dealership (which had a sign reading "Thanks Obama....How Sad" in the window) were taken by my sister and brother-in-law in 2009. We used to pass by this dealer family trips, driving between either Austin or New Braunfels to the Rio Grande Valley.

Beth Oualline, whose great grandfather founded the dealership, wrote in the Corpus Christi Caller Times:

In 1936, my great-grandfather founded E.H. Green Motors in Odem. Seventy-three years later, our family business is closing its doors. It is difficult to process my emotions and even more difficult to put them into words.

The most obvious emotion is anger. The free enterprise system upon which our country was founded is failing. A profitable, independently-owned business is being forcibly shuttered simply because the “powers that be” waved a magic legal wand. A four-generation family business that has survived a great depression and nearly three-quarters of a century is being ripped apart not because it lacks the capability of staying in business but because the head of a large corporation has willed it so. Forget the little man — he is no longer relevant.

I am helplessly watching a piece of my family disintegrate in a matter of days. But no matter how I feel about our personal loss, this travesty is not just about Green Motors. There are hundreds of other car dealerships closing across the country. Thousands of jobs will be lost. Family incomes will be shattered. The loss of tax revenues will devastate small towns across the country. At the end of the day, this is everyone’s loss and it is yet to be determined exactly how far-reaching the effects will be.

Yes, I am angry.

These are the people who know something about job growth, but this Regime instead looks at entrepreneurs as evil rich people who are only out for themselves.

No wonder the economy has not yet recovered, or that unemployment keeps rising.

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