Friday, September 09, 2011

Jamie Radtke Challenges George Allen At Tea Party Express Virginia Stop

The Tea Party Express made a stop today in Roanoke, VA, en route to the September 12th Presidential Debate to be held in Florida.

Jamie Radtke and former US Senator George Allen, candidates in the GOP Primary to go up against former part-time Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for Allen's old Senate seat, were there and spoke at the event.

Radtke took on Allen and his record of supporting increases in the debt ceiling four times.

Audio of her speech.

From WDBJ 7:

Radtke's remarks included a pointed attack on the former Governor and U.S. Senator. "I think the important thing for the voters to remember is there's a primary in June," Radtke said in an interview, "there's ten months. and for them to look at this race look at what the issues are and look at the record, and look who's been fighting on this message consistently."

Allen ducked the issues Radtke brought up about his record as a US Senator, and even didn't have time to do an interview with the TV station.

The Tea Party Express tour is headed to Charlotte, NC this evening.

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