Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fifth Anniversary To This Ain't Hell.... Blog

I first read This Ain't Hell, but You Can See It From Here as I was still in California looking at news of Gathering of Eagles in March 2007.

That seems like yesterday, but time flies when you're blogging. Today, This Ain't Hell is celebrating their fifth anniversary. Jonn Lilyea, TSO and the other writers do a great job there. Besides GOE I, they've also covered the IVAW's Winter Solder Redux investigation in 2008, and have done a great job of exposing phony soldiers.

If you haven't yet, go over to This Ain't Hell and make it a part of your daily blog reading.

Happy Anniversary Jonn & crew! Thanks for your great work, as well as your friendship and support.

Thanks to Tania at Midnight Blue for the link!

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Tania said...

5 years! Jonn and company are the awesome :)